Behind The Boards

When I was ten years old, my family got together and bought me my first set of turntables and about five or six records. The first record I ever played was Junior Mafia's "Get Money". I knew from the first moment I dropped the needle on that record that I definitely wanted to pursue this. It's just something about the way music can control your entire life that I just cannot get enough of.


I've gone through a slew of names before finding the name 'Famous' or 'Fame' for short. The first Dj name I ever had was 'Lil Skill' due to my dad being 'Super Skillz'. Of course, not wanting to coattail from my dads fame, I wanted to branch out. The first name I ever chose for myself was 'Blaze', then it was 'Platinum Hitz', a few that I can't remember (probably for the good that I dont) and the last before Famous was 'Dj Thizz'. Of course, none of those fit. Then one day I was staring at my t-shirt, which happened to be Famous Stars & Straps, and I thought.. why not? 


I always wanted to be famous.. I've always wanted to be.. known. If you didn't know me in grade school, I was quiet. You might know that I play music in the hallways but thats about it. So the name Famous or Fame fit perfect. 

From beats, to mixes, to live performing.. I do it. All of it. 


Thank you, for being here. Enjoy.



-Dj Famous